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The best free VPN 2023 for Android, Windows, and iOS, the new update

One thing that has involved many people is installing a free VPN To connect to the Internet without interruption. Most of the VPN on the Internet need to be fixed. In this article, we introduce VPNs that have been tested. And we put their download link.

This article introduces the best free and paid filters and stable, high-speed IP for Android, IOS, and Windows devices. So that you don’t have any more problems with the filter breaker, please write your opinion about using these VPNs in the comments section.

Important note: For each device and ISP, one filter may not work, and another may work. So try to test at least a few. And find the right filter for your device and operator.

If you enter this page without a filter, use the anti-filter browsers we put at the end of the article. Because some download links, especially links related to Windows filter breakers, are filters. It would help if you had an anti-filter to download them. But you can download Android and iOS applications from Google Play and Play Store, and they have no problem.

bicubic VPN

A professional filter breaker for Android and iPhone

A professional VPN with different servers from European, American, and Asian countries will meet all your needs.

This VPN has been tested on most of the notes and has been the answer for most users.

The privacy of this filter breaker is unique and does not require any access from you.

Bicubic VPN is suitable for Instagram, web browsing and Telegram, etc.

The bandwidth of this VPN is unlimited and does not require any registration etc.

❌ To use this VPN, the language of your phone must be English.

Download the link from Google Play.

iPhone version download link


Now VPN is a simple and low-volume VPN with different servers in different parts of the world.

This filter does not require registration or any other work; you need to download this VPN.

The Now VPN filter breaker uses the open VPN protocol and is suitable for Instagram and web surfing.

✔️ When installing this filter breaker, if it asks you to access the gallery. You can click the no option and start working on it.

Download link from Google Play

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