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Download the Instagram profile picture

Has downloading other people’s Instagram profile photos challenged you and other users? Do you want to benefit from the ability to save the Instagram profile picture in the original size? Are you looking for a bot to download Instagram profile photos from Telegram? Since Instagram, like other social networks, does not allow users to view and download Instagram profiles easily, we have decided in this article from Technolife to fully explain the different ways to view and download Instagram profile photos. So stay with us.

Methods of downloading Instagram profile picture in original size

Most of the time, the purpose of looking at the Instagram profile is to identify the person who gave us follow requests because, many times, these people’s pages are private. We don’t want to accept recommendations from strangers. Therefore, the goal is not to see the profile picture of all ages but to know our followers well. Therefore, whatever intention you wish to view a person’s profile picture, you need to use tools such as applications, browsers, robots, sites, etc., which we will introduce below.

Download the Instagram profile picture with the browser.

There is no need for a particular application or software in the method of using a browser to download an Insta profile. Therefore, you must enter Instagram, then the desired page, and select the Copy Profile URL option from the three lines above. Then open the browser and touch the Paste option in the address bar. Now you will be shown the desired page; in this section, you must hold your finger on the Insta profile picture until a small screen opens.

If you want the Insta profile picture to be downloaded in its original size, tap on Open image in the new tab option. After that, please tap on the image and select the Save option to download the Insta profile picture and transfer it to your gallery. As you have seen, you can easily see the Instagram profile picture of the person you want and then download it using the browser.

Remember that in this method, Instagram may ask you first to connect the browser to your Instagram account to view the desired person’s profile. We will introduce you to some of the best Instagram profile photo download sites in the following.

Download the Instagram profile picture; izuum

One of the best sites to view and download Instagram users’ profiles online is this izuum site. To use this site, you do not need to log in to your account or install a program on your phone or laptop, but all you need is a browser. Enter your preferred browser and visit the izuum site. Next, enter the desired user name and select Search profile now. Now the desired profile photo will be displayed to you in a large size and high quality so you can view it or download it if needed.

Instagram profile photo download site; Instagram downloads

One of the most attractive sites for downloading Instagram profile pictures is the same site, Instagram downloads. Interestingly, this site is not only used for viewing and downloading profile pictures, but you can also download all the posts of a page with its help. To use it on Windows and Mac, enter the desired person’s profile with a browser and copy the browser’s address. Now enter this site and paste this address and press the search button. The selected person’s profile will be displayed to you, and you can download the profile by clicking on the word Download photo. If you click the Download option on any post, that photo will be downloaded quickly.

In this way, you will not need the Instagram profile photo download program for iPhone and Android, and you can easily view that person’s profile by copying the URL of each user’s profile and entering this site. To do this, enter the desired person’s page, click on the three dots above, click Copy Profile URL, and enter this address on the above site. The fact that it is possible to download Instagram photos with the original quality and this is done at high speed has distinguished this site from other options.

Instagram profile photo download software; Qeek for Instagram – Zoom Profile

Working with Qeek for Instagram: Zoom Profile is very simple and makes downloading Instagram profiles more accessible. After opening the program, you must enter the user name of the desired person and tap the Get Profile Picture button to display the Insta profile picture. After that, you can save the selected photo in your gallery. Also, this program can download Instagram profile photos with original quality, and one of the advantages of this program is that the images are Full HD.

Remember that if you want to view and download the high-quality profile picture, you must either subscribe or view an ad to access the high-quality profile. Despite all these conditions, this program is still one of the best programs for downloading Instagram profile pictures for Android.

Instagram profile picture download program for Android; HD Profile Picture Viewer

This program may be less known, but at the same time, it has excellent performance and provides perfect-quality profiles for viewing and even downloading without any trouble. This program is entirely free and can be downloaded from Google Play. After entering the program, you must enter the user name of the desired user and click on the Search option. After finding the desired profile, click on it and view it in high quality. To download this image, select the Save option at the bottom of the page.

Download Instagram profile picture for iPhone; Zoomer for IG.

If you want an Instagram profile picture download program for iPhone, this program can attract your attention. The score of this program is 4.4, and users are also delighted with the performance of this application. After entering this program, you can select the ID of the desired person and click on the search sign. The chosen person’s profile will be displayed to you, and you can download it. Note that a subscription is required to access full functionality.

final word

As you read above, in this article from yazpoz, we introduced tools to download and save other people’s Instagram profile pictures. Note that there is no bot called an Instagram profile photo download bot; you must use the programs and sites introduced above.



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