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Effects of money on people’s personality

Experiencing the feeling of having no money is undeniable for most people in society, even for a short period. The effects of money on people’s personalities and even their self-esteem do not need psychological investigation. Although this issue cannot be generalized for everyone, and it is impossible to give the same ratio to everyone, today, we are witnessing changes in people’s personalities due to the sudden acquisition of money.

Just as the benefits of having money and its prosperity are not hidden from anyone, the damage caused by its improper management is also tangible in society. In this article, we mention the benefits of money, to benefit from its proper direction to be more productive.

People’s behavior when they have money, is not the same and will not be the same under the influence of thoughts and social conditions. Another goal of reading this article is to understand the correct personality of people and, after that, proper treatment of these people because there is no avoiding communication with such people in social, financial, or emotional. Relationships and getting to know them as well as possible helps to preserve them. And the dignity of the parties as well as the self-esteem of individuals.

Benefits of money

We must have already touched on the fact that when we have money and don’t, our inner feeling about ourselves changes. Because having money and meeting daily needs. As a result, financial independence gradually shows its effect on human self-esteem. Although the effect of money on people’s personalities may reveal itself over time, this is certain.

For example, when a person tries to get money and reaches financial stability and independence after experiencing ups and downs in society, he will experience a unique sense of inner self-esteem. In this way, his self-esteem will directly impact his emotional and social relationships, etc. Indeed, such a person will have different self-esteem and status than someone born into a wealthy family. In popular terms, we consider such a person to be self-made.

Self-made people have endured many hardships and made many efforts to earn money based on their previous actions; They will have better financial management than people who suddenly and so-called overnight have achieved significant money. This money can come from family inheritance, invested dividends, etc. In such cases, the effects of money on people’s personalities will be palpable.

Money, in turn, is not only wrong, but it solves many problems and can bring a person closer to his goals, but the lack of proper management of this wealth can bring much worse effects to a person, which will continue to this. We will mention the topic.

Disadvantages of mismanagement of money

This question may arise in everyone’s mind that we will have problems in life with money. Psychologists’ answer to this question is positive. Indeed, the effects of money on people’s personalities are not the same, and many factors, such as family and community, will affect it.

One of the disadvantages of improper money management is the internal problems of wealthy families, and addiction is always mentioned as one of these problems. Indeed, this does not mean that addiction only includes the rich; the rest of society is exempted from this. Instead, financial mismanagement in each class of society will have these consequences.

Although being born into a wealthy family is considered great luck, it also has disadvantages. After the investigations, psychologists confirm that such people will have problems doing their simple tasks individually in the future. Such people struggle with many issues to be responsible in society because they have never been deprived of the help and support of their family, even for minor tasks. For example, such people have yet to make much effort for their success; the use of those around them has always accompanied their efforts. It should be noted that this issue cannot be generalized to everyone despite the cultural differences between families.

Having a lot of money will result in a lot of mental preoccupation for the owner of the capital because one should spend more time protecting and saving money, planning, and investing. Sometimes the stress of having a lot of wealth is a trap that can lead rich people to addiction. According to studies, having a lot of money leads people to do immoral things.

Personality based on money

As mentioned, the effects of money on people’s personalities are not the same. Researchers have found that humans are divided into seven categories when dealing with money. Getting to know these characters to have better relationships with people is not without grace and can help improve people’s relationships. According to the surveys, each person can be a combination of two or more types of personality, which depends on the living conditions of these people.

Most economists believe that having financial literacy is of great importance. In other words, it is essential to have full knowledge of the role of money in life and personal goals and make the right financial decision for proper management.

The first category: is thrifty

The first category includes people who save money without considering a part for fun or entertainment. Such people generally owe all their peace of mind to their bank account. Because these people are constantly looking for cheaper purchases and finding economical ways to spend less and thus save more, it should be noted that entertainment is as important as savings. Because people’s mental health depends on the fun and activities, they enjoy. For such people, moderation is the best option ahead.

The second category: is spendthrift people

The second category, unlike the first category, has excessive extravagance. So know the best solution to improve their mood is shopping. These people like spending all their money, and even if they don’t need a device, they try to buy it. Although the effects of money on people’s personalities are understandable, these people, who are generally extroverts, express this issue well.

In standard terms, therapeutic shopping is a suitable way to improve the situation, but this group needs to consider their installments, debts, and financial input before making illogical purchases. If this situation continues, bankruptcy will not be far off for these people. A proper plan to balance substantial income and expenses will be a suitable solution for these people.

The third category: are people addicted to work

The third group studied to identify the effects of money on people’s personalities includes people who are constantly striving to earn more money. These people use all their time to achieve success and attract wealth. At first glance, this issue does not seem so unpleasant, but with the continuation of this process, mental and physical problems will appear in them. It can also be acknowledged that their emotional and family relationships are at risk by continuing this path.

To create a balance and help solve the problem of this group of people, cooperation and entrusting a part of the affairs to the people they trust can clarify the right path of relationships for them because there are more important priorities in the life of each person than money. Has it?

The fourth category: are people interested in life

The effects of money on people’s personalities in the fourth category are slightly different from the previous three types. This group believes they don’t need so much money for a healthy life, and their success is independent of cash. Although this argument is correct in general, it is possible to reduce the financial pressure in the future by knowing and managing the income and expenses in life.

The fifth category: Balanced people with wrong purchases

The fifth category is a combination of the first and second categories. People who have been saving for a long time and when they decide to spend money, spend it on useless and wrong purchases that they don’t need much. Having financial goals, these people can make a suitable and optimal purchase at the right time.

As we mentioned earlier, the effects of money on people’s personalities are not the same. This issue is evident in the sixth group. These people, a combination of groups two and three, behave like gamblers to spend all this money on risk and excitement without considering their financial priorities.

Strictness is the best way to manage these people because these personality groups will gradually allocate more money and capital for this work, while it may jeopardize their future. Giving monthly expenses and setting them aside can help this group of people.

Today, we are facing the seventh category more than any other category. Like the third group, people who are constantly working and trying, and like the first group, have considerable savings but are constantly worried that they may lose this capital. This issue can stem from insecurity and inner self-esteem because they are unaware of their power to attract wealth and success. Of course, the economic problems of today’s societies aggravate this issue.

With the continuation of these thoughts, such a person in the seventh category will suffer a lot of psychological damage. Planning his savings with positive reviews and consulting a financial advisor is better. Further consultation with a therapist can also be fruitful in improving the situation.

By examining people’s personalities, it is easy to understand how significant the role of money is in changing people’s behavior, both secretly and openly.

last word

Money’s influence on the path of human success in the last century is undeniable. But as we discussed earlier, money’s effects on people’s personalities are different, and due to its mismanagement, we will see far more problems in society.

Having money will have a significant impact on people’s relationships. This does not mean that money gives a person an identity, but it can be acknowledged that society can expand these relationships to get money. These relationships can create destructive effects on a person due to mismanagement.

Moderate income and expenses can be helpful for all personality groups and help to have more peace for the future life and retirement period. Some believe that people can experience personal growth and even attract love by having money, but it should be known that it is the correct management of money when dealing with it that can bring all the success to a person. How many people had lost it when huge money entered their lives, and they could not manage their emotional relationship?

These works are visible in the social and emotional relationships of the person. As a result, the speed of obtaining money will be far less critical than its management. By examining different characters, we tried to take steps for a lower cost and better investment by reviewing each character’s problems.




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