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How to create Gmail?


Having an email is more obligatory than bread on the Internet today. You need an email to set up any smart device you buy. The best email service is Google, also called Gmail, and in this article, we will ultimately create a Gmail account.


Today, many things are done using electronic mail or email. Even a simple registration on many sites and some social media requires the registration of an email or Gmail address. In this article, we will teach you how to create a Gmail account step by step and how to create such an account and take advantage of its benefits. In the first step, we should introduce Gmail and see its benefits to us and our business. Then we will learn how to create Gmail using a personal computer step by step. After that, we will create a Gmail account using a smartphone. If you want to learn how to make Gmail, follow us until the end of this article.


What is Gmail?


Gmail stands for Google Mail and is one of the essential services that Google provides its users for free. This service offers the possibility of sending and receiving electronic names. After creating it, we can send emails to one or more of our audience using this service. The sending and receiving process may coincide.

Fortunately, Gmail service is unlimited; users can access it through their personal computer, web space, or its application and benefit from its benefits. Anyone who wants to use Google services such as Google Play must learn how to create a Gmail account and use Google services after creating an account in Gmail and connecting that account to Google play. In the following, comprehensive information about the Gmail service is mentioned. By reading it, you can know this service’s quality and what kind of space and services it provides to its users.


What you need to know about Gmail service


As stated at the beginning, Gmail service belongs to Google. This fantastic service was created and launched by Paul Buchheit. He is an American computer engineer and entrepreneur born November 7, 1977. His net worth in 2020 was reported to be $600 million.

The Gmail service was launched on April 1, 2004, and ended its beta program on July 7, 2009. Currently, it serves the audience in 105 living languages ​​of the world. This service gives users space for storage, which was initially 1 GB. After a few years, this space became more. This space went from 1 to 2, from 2 to 7.5 GB. Until now, Gmail’s storage space for each account is 15 GB. Users who wish to use paid storage plans can enjoy a 30 TB space.

Gmail space for sending and receiving messages is minimal. The size of the message you want to send to your recipient with all its contents and attachments should not exceed 25 MB. Messages sent and received using Gmail include textual content and other types of content, such as graphics, video, and audio. In the rest of this article, we will discuss the features of Gmail and see what features this service has. Understanding the features of this service will help us to get a better understanding of this service and be able to use it better after creating Gmail.


Gmail service features


Free use: The first feature that can be mentioned for the Gmail service is its free use. There is no need to pay any amount to use this service.

Storage space: The presence of 15 GB of storage space allows us to use our email to store vital files and be sure that this information will not be lost or lost in any way.

Support for multiple user accounts: Another critical feature of the Gmail service is that it allows you to have multiple user accounts simultaneously and send and receive emails using the reports.

Great organization: The messages we send and receive in the email are automatically organized, and you can put important news in the “Important” category if you want. You can also categorize your messages into work, friends, and family categories.

Excellent accessibility: Another of the best features and features available in the Gmail service is its accessibility. You can connect to an account and send and receive messages through your computer. On the other hand, it is necessary to log into the same account using your phone to access those messages with the help of your smartphone if essential and if you do not have a personal computer or laptop.

Spam filter: You can mark a series of messages as spam or spam. After that, any message sent to you by that sender will not be displayed and will be placed in the spam section.

User interface: Gmail has a user interface with a search section, a grouping of messages on a page, etc.

Language: Gmail offers services in different languages, so other users worldwide can easily use this service.

Search function: Another function or feature of Gmail is the search feature, located in the upper part of the Gmail page; a user who wants to search for a contact or a portion of his message can do so through the search section.

Language input styles: Users can enter their words through Gmail’s physical or virtual keyboard. In 2013, this service allowed its users to write and send messages in their handwriting.

The possibility of using other Google services: one of the essential characteristics of Google is that it offers various services to its users, and many of these services depend on Gmail; if you want to use these services, you should have a Gmail account and connect your account to those services. For example, to use Google Docs services, you must enter this service using your Gmail address.

In this part of the article, we provided a complete introduction to Gmail service, and its features so interested users can have complete information about this service. In the next part of this article, we will explain how to create a Gmail account.



How to create a Gmail account using a computer


From the beginning of the article until now, Gmail has been the key to our entry into the Internet world. The main point that we should mention at the beginning is that creating a Gmail account is very simple. We recommend that you always make a Gmail account with your information. You need a phone number to complete your Gmail, and you should keep this in mind before creating it. In each step, we have put the link to the page you need to enter for you, and by clicking on each link, you will join the desired page.

Next, we will learn how to create Gmail using a personal computer. Of course, creating a Gmail account on a laptop and a smartphone is very similar. Still, we must ignore this similarity for complete training and explain each method separately.


First step: Go to the service introduction page to create a Gmail account


When creating a Gmail account, you must enter the About Gmail page. On this page, you can see a general introduction to Gmail, also slide by slide. Click on the blue button Create an account, which you can see in two sections.

Step 2: Enter the basic information


After clicking Create an account, you will enter the following page, and you must choose your personal information, including your first name, last name, username, and password. It would help if you chose a unique username (often with your first and last name). There are a lot of Google users today, and on the other hand, someone with the same name as you will likely log into Gmail with the same username. Therefore, you should choose a more specific username. Google automatically informs us if the username we want is suitable or if we should think of another one. You must enter your password twice in the password field so the system can ensure you are not a malicious bot.

After filling in all the fields:

  1. Click Next to go to the next step.
  2. Note that you must write down your username and password somewhere so that you don’t forget, and if you want to log in to this account through another device, you can easily do so without the need to recover and change your password.

Step 3: Enter a phone number


On this page, you must specify and enter your phone number, date of birth, and gender. To enter the phone number, you must first select your country so that the country code of your country is specified, and there is no ambiguity in this regard. Then enter your mobile phone number. In the next step, you can enter a backup email for more security, which is entirely optional, and if you have decided to create a Gmail account for the first time, you do not need to enter anything in this section. In the next area, you must join your production date in Gregorian, and in this section, you must be at least 18 years old. In the last quarter, you must enter your gender and click Next.

Step 4: Enter the verification code sent


In this section, you must confirm the mobile number you have entered. Google will send a verification code to your mobile phone number; you must enter it in the corresponding box. In the image below, Gmail first asks you once if you confirm that you have entered the number correctly. If you have entered your number correctly and are sure about it, click Send to send a confirmation message to your mobile number.

After you click the Send button, a six-digit code will be sent to you, which you must enter in the box below. The Gmail system has added a feature in this section: you can receive the verification code through a phone call. This system is only an alternative system. After entering the six-digit code, click on Verify.

In some browsers, the verification code page is displayed as below, which is no different from the above modes, and only the type of display is different. In this section, enter your contact number and wait for the confirmation code.

Fifth step: confirming the use of Google services


At this stage, you can click on the Yes; I’m in option to allow Google to launch your services with this phone number and your Gmail account. You can disable this option later.


Step 6: Verify Google’s rules and regulations


At this stage, considered the last step of creating a Gmail account, you must confirm the rules and regulations of Google and the Gmail service. This is the part that no one reads or pays attention to. Of course, if you don’t agree with one clause of these rules, you should accept all of its clauses.

Your Gmail account has been created.


By doing all the steps above, you now have a Gmail account with many uses. You can use this Gmail to shop online, enter websites, and subscribe to YouTube and Google Play Store. You can now go to the leading Google site and join your inbox by clicking on Gmail, which you can see in the image below.




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