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How to delete an Instagram account through a web browser


Instagram is one of the most popular virtual programs for publishing photos, which has a lot of extraordinary users, so it can achieve many successes in the field of competition with social media, as far as it can be considered a daily habit of users.

But its popularity, many times users, for some reason, now may be personal and maybe public, like those who delete their Telegram account, want to stay away from this network and put it in their deleted list, and This means that when we do this, we must note that this will cause our posts, comments, etc. to be deleted entirely, and this means that no other user will find you on Instagram.


Delete the Instagram account through the phone (within the Instagram app)


Until recently, it was not possible to delete your account from within the Instagram application itself, so you had to delete your Instagram account through the Instagram website, but in the new updates of this app, the possibility to delete from within the application itself was implemented. We will explain to you the following:

First, enter the Instagram app and go to your profile section, then click on the icon in the corner of the app according to image number 1.


Next, a new slide will open for you to click on settings according to image number 2.

Naturally, by clicking on settings, extensive settings will be opened for you, but we are working with the help part, which is drawn around it according to image number 3.

Picture number 4 is the help sub-set settings; we continue to delete our account by clicking on the second option (help center).

After you click on the help center, you will enter a browser page (of course, the browser of Instagram itself), which you need to click on the option of managing your account according to picture number 5.

Picture number 6 brings us closer to the final steps, so click on the second option: delete your account.

Then a page will open for you, which contains two options you need to click on (How do I delete my account). The second option is to enter another page (the Delete Your Account page) in the first option. Click on the one marked with blue color.

After this, you need to enter your account (enter your password and username in the opened boxes)

A page will open asking you why you delete your account (drop-down menu), choose one of the options, enter your password again at the bottom of the same box, and then click on the red box and your account Delete in the last step.


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