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Teaching 6 ways to solve the problem of running and not opening Paint in Windows 11

Sometimes when you want to open the Paint 🎨 program, this program may not open, and you will not be able to use it. In this situation, if you are looking for a solution, in this article from yazpoz Web, we will teach 12 ways to solve the problem of running and not opening Paint in Windows 11.

Fixing the problem of Paint not opening in Windows 11

Top 6Fixes for Paint Not Working on Windows 11

Sometimes you face problems in Windows for various reasons, such as the problem of programs not opening in Windows 11. Paint is a built-in Windows program that may encounter the same problem and not open. In the following, we will examine the causes of this problem and ways to solve the problem of Paint not opening in Windows 11.




Fix the Paint problem in Windows 11 by restarting Windows.

Sometimes, when it is turned on, files are not started correctly, and minor problems arise for Windows. These little problems can cause some programs, such as Paint, not to work. To fix this problem, you need to restart Windows. When it is restarted, the files are also continued, and if they have any problems, they are fixed. To do this, click the Start menu and select the Power option. Finally, click on Restart.

Launch the program as Administrator to solve the problem of the Paint program in Windows 11

Programs have different ways to open. One of the ways to open programs is to open them as administrators. This method allows the program to make Windows changes, making it easier to open the program. Of course, because the Paint program is an interface for drawing and drawing, it cannot make any particular changes in Windows, and there is no risk in using this method. To fix the problem of the Paint program in Windows 11, by launching the program as Administrator, type Paint in the Windows search field. From the above results, right-click on Paint. This will open a menu for you. Select Run as Administrator from the extended menu to open the program.

Program troubleshooting to find the cause of Paint Windows 11 problem and fix it

Windows 11 has different parts that you can use to troubleshoot and identify and fix the problem if Windows encounters a problem. The programs also have troubleshooting capabilities, and you can use this capability to resolve the issues of the programs. To use this feature, first press the Windows + I shortcut keys to open your Windows settings. After opening Settings, enter the System section. On the next page, click on Troubleshoot.

On the opened page, find the Other troubleshooters option and select it.

Now scroll down to see the Windows Store Apps option. After finding the Windows Store Apps option, click on Run. After running the Windows troubleshooter, check to see if the issue with Paint has been fixed. If you still do not open the Paint program, you can test other methods.

Installing the font is the reason why Paint does not open in Windows 11

You can install different fonts in Windows and use them in various programs. This will make your writing more beautiful. However, if you have downloaded and installed your font from an unknown and unreliable source, it may need fixing for your programs. In this case, delete the font you recently installed to solve the problem of the Paint program in Windows 11. To remove the font, open Settings from the Start menu. On the home page of the settings, go to the Personalization section. Select Fonts on the right side of the page.

Find the last font that you had problems with after installing it and select it.

Click on Uninstall. Select Uninstall again in the opened box to confirm the removal of the font. Repeat the same for other fonts that are recently installed in Windows. After removing the fonts, restart Windows and try to open the Paint program.

To fix the problem of Pint not opening, delete the Microsoft Store cache

When the cache memory of the Microsoft store program encounters a problem, it may affect some Windows programs and cause issues. In this situation, you should also delete the Microsoft cache to fix the problem of other programs. To clear the Microsoft Store cache, press Windows + R., This will open the Run toolbox. In the opened box, type wsreset.exe and click OK.

Doing this, the command prompt box opens automatically and closes again after a few seconds. Opening and closing the Command rapid tool indicates that the Microsoft Store cache has been cleared. After that, you can enter the Paint program.


Fixing the problem of Paint not opening in Windows 11 using the Microsoft Safety Scanner tool

To fix the problem of Paint not opening in Windows 11 using Microsoft Safety Scanner, first, download Download Microsoft Safety Scanner Tool for Windows. Then click on the downloaded file and allow the program to scan Windows.

Apart from scanning Windows with Microsoft Safety Scanner, it would help if you also scanned Windows with the system antivirus. Windows virus infection can affect the performance of some programs.


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