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What is creativity?

During human life on this planet, this two-legged creature has encountered various theories and ideas that have always occupied his mind. But it is interesting to know that these presuppositions and beliefs make people move forward. These ideas create innovation and open new doors for humanity. But what is imagination?

Stay with us to introduce you to this concept and the techniques and factors that help us succeed in ideation.

What is creativity?

Ideas are the key to innovation and creativity. There is more to do with them because doing is the key to learning. New ideas are vital to progress in any field. These ideas cannot create creativity alone, and you need a system that can manage these ideas.

Our goal for idea generation is to generate many ideas and pay attention to their quality. We agree that sometimes dealing with many high-quality pictures can be challenging. Getting stuck in old habits and life routines when you are expected to create something new is normal.

To free ourselves from the bondage of old habits, we have decided to look at imagination as a whole. We provide recommendations, tools, and techniques that systematically help you generate ideas. to introduce.

Why is imagination important?

Now we face this key question, why is imagination important? And what is imagination at all? Ideation produces, develops, and communicates abstract, visual, or visual ideas. This step is the front end of the idea management funnel. Its primary focus is on providing solutions to solve real problems and perceived opportunities.

As mentioned, ideas are the first step toward progress and improvement. Our progress as a human species depends on our new ideas. From a person’s point of view, if you feel stuck on a task or are unable to solve a particular problem, new ideas can help you move forward.

You may be looking for a new solution to solve a problem or creative block. Or are you looking for better ways to solve your problem? Are you looking for new ideas to explore new opportunities fully?

When it comes time for your organization, the best way to discover creative and tacit knowledge is to generate and collect new ideas from your employees. Creating and developing new ideas allows you to stay relevant and make positive organizational changes.

According to Barbara Janushkiewicz: Creative thinking inspires ideas, and ideas inspire change. Your organizational goal is to improve the efficiency of yourself and your team, or you need new ideas to improve your products’ quality.

Regardless of your goals and the type of ideas you’re looking for, new ideas aim to improve your operations. Largely, economies depend on innovation to progress, develop, and increase prosperity. Innovation creates new technology and businesses that create job opportunities for people.

Although innovation is not only about ideas, they are an essential part of the equation, without which there would be no other, and this makes it easy to answer the question of what imagination is.

Tools and techniques for generating ideas

What should we do if we need new ideas, and where should we start? You will likely have a stormy meeting or mental conflict. Experience had shown that brainstorming takes more time and produces fewer ideas, resulting in worse ideas than when the participants tried to develop ideas independently.

There are other reasons why there are better ways to present an idea than brainstorming. Planning, organizing, and documenting the meeting to be used in a framework takes more time for us. Although there are specific ways to improve brainstorming performance, it is beyond the scope.

The point is that you should refrain from assuming brainstorming for yourself. However, other valuable techniques have the value of challenging conventional thinking. You will need new ideas on the road ahead, so it is better to have some methods in mind to generate ideas.

Many of these ideation methods can be used for more effective brainstorming and other types of creativity.

Idea Challenge

What is an idea challenge versus idea generation? It means a focused form of innovation where you pose problems or opportunities in hopes of creating creative solutions. The purpose of the idea challenge is to participate in idea generation and idea generation related to a predefined topic for a limited period.

Idea Challenge allows you to design and deliver specific questions to particular listeners to get new ideas with unique insight. Before launching a challenge

The idea is fundamental to define what you want to do with it.

There are two types of idea challenges: problem-oriented approaches and solution-oriented approaches. You must first determine whether you want to identify challenges or find potential solutions. When you organize an idea challenge, there are various parameters you can choose to achieve the desired result, such as topic, audience, responsibilities, time, and channel.

Remember that the idea challenge method is best for generating many ideas. If you involve a smaller number of contacts in the process of creativity, there are better ways than this method, and you should use more connections to be more effective.

Although the idea challenge enables you to gather ideas quickly and accurately, planning takes time and is only worthwhile if you have the right resources to execute it. Also, proper timing is essential for its success.

Scamper technique

We can refer to the scamper technique in response to the question of creativity and its practices. The Scamper technique was invented by Bob Eberle and is a method of problem-solving and creative thinking. It is a holistic approach to applying critical thinking to modify ideas, concepts, and processes that have existed in the past.

The scamper technique’s purpose is to modify existing processes and ideas to reach the best solution. This technique consists of 7 functions that can move parts in the process.


Substitution is a technique that involves replacing part of the product, concept, or process with another, which causes the final result to be better.


Adaptability involves analyzing possibilities to create flexibility and focus on similar incremental improvements.


The combination technique explores combining two ideas for an effective solution.


Refining the idea looks at the problem or opportunity from a bigger perspective and helps improve the view and result.

Another use

This approach focuses on finding ways to use an idea or solution for other purposes.


The removal technique is straightforward and examines the possible result if one or more parts of the concept are removed.


This process focuses on reversing the interchangeable elements of an idea.

Although the Scamper technique is designed for brainstorming sessions instead of brainstorming, it can be used well in the thinking process.

N is also used. Most people tend to focus on finding the next big idea. When you’re generating new ideas, it’s easy to forget that continuous incremental improvements are made by ideas that have been influential over the long term.

You can get a big idea from a few small ideas when you brainstorm consistently. Sometimes all it takes is a look behind you to see what you’ve been getting. When you use ideas or processes as a starting point, a lot is revealed about your current situation, and that’s what the Scamper technique is all about.

Contrarian thinking

Contrarian thinking is a process that helps you question old assumptions about your business. If you feel like your team is stuck in old ways of thinking and it doesn’t seem very easy to come up with ideas outside the box, this tool will bring you closer to success.

The best solutions are usually not found in a linear thinking process. Although our brains are wired this way, contrarian or reverse, thinking can help us question the norms. With this mindset, you consider the opposite side of what is expected and can even reach back to find unusual ways to attract money and wealth.

Brainstorm cards

Brainstorm cards are tools created by the Innovation Board to generate thousands of new ideas related to the challenges and problems you work with. What’s Against Ideation Brainstorming cards help you consider external factors such as social trends, new technologies, and regulations in your business context.

This approach allows you to generate many ideas with little effort. Although many concepts do not seem logical, this tool can help you when stuck in a rut and suffering from creative block.

Comparative thinking

Deductive thinking is a technique of using information from one source to solve another problem. Often a solution to one issue or opportunity can be used to solve another problem or opportunity. For example, comparative thinking can examine a successful business, identify the parameters that caused its success, and use these items for your business.

This is a simple solution to present ideas that have already been approved. These techniques will help you all in this way, and for this, you should pay attention to idea management and have successful relationships in your work by applying its tools and rules.

Success with mass production

Before employing people, try to define the problem or the opportunity, engage the right people, and set the limits. These works by themselves cause success and improve the quality of the idea.

last word

In today’s modern world, creativity is essential to be creative and take advantage of old ideas and opportunities to succeed in life stages, including business. Still, first, we need to know what imagination is. The answer to this question leads us to success in business and all fields. Idea generation means generating, developing, and transferring ideas; some techniques must be used for success and successful relationships.



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